Abu Dhabi: three world record bids entered for Sweihan solar project

Abu Dhabi: three world record bids entered for Sweihan solar project

Pv Magazine reported breaking news of the world record bid during the tender taking place in Abu Dhabi. Yesterday, new information about all of bids that were entered has emerged and it shows an incredible trend of rock bottom prices for energy generated using solar power.

Six consortiums, made up of two or three members, entered bids into the auction, with the team of Jinko Solar and Marubeni putting in the most price competitive bid of just Usd 0.0242 per kWh. Pv Magazine spoke with a senior representative of Middle East Solar Industry Association (Mesia) today who supplied detailed information about the bids, which can be seen in the table below.


In addition to the official bids, local media is reporting that one of the consortiums offered a price as low as Usd 0.023 per kWh, provided that the PV project could be larger than 1.1 Gw. The initial size of the project was set at 350 Mw, but the Abu Dhabi Electricity and Water Authority (Adwea) invited bidders to put forth bids for a larger project if they so wished. Presumably Adwea is deciding whether 1.1 Gw is a little too large for the project.

Now that the bids are in, they are subject to further review and verification before a final decision is made, however, it stands to reason that the winner is likely to be one of the three consortiums that put forth record low bids. These include Jinko Solar and Marubeni with the Usd 0.0242 per kWh bid, Masdar, Edf and Pal with a Usd 0.02533 per kWh bid and Tenaga and Phelan Energy with a Usd 0.02598 per kWh bid.

Source: Pv-Magazine

Date: September 2016

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