Africa Energy Investment Summit

AEIS Square bannerDear Participant,

We are excited that you have decided to join us for our 2016 inaugural edition of the Africa Energy Investment Summit which will be held in Washington DC during the spring. As you know, our continent has enormous potential, not only to ensure a better livelihood for its people, but also to be a major play­er in global markets.

Increasing access to modern forms of energy is crucial to unlocking faster economic and social development in Sub‑Saharan Africa, according to the International Energy Agency. Investment in the energy sector could unleash an extra decade of growth.

The Energy Sector forms a significant portion of the economies of all African countries, and as a sector it can therefore bring about major continental development priorities, such as economic growth, boosting of further infrastructure development and investments, rapid industri­alization and economic diversification, sustainable resource and environmental management, and creating jobs, human security and shared prosperity. The Energy Sector can also pro­vide opportunities to millions of the continent’s young people entering Afri­ca’s labour markets every year.

The African Union, New Part­nership for African Development, African governments, institutional lenders and multilateral organisations, etc. have put Africa’s Energy Sector as one of the key pillars for Sub Saharan Africa’s prosperity.

At the Washington Summit, participants will get to hear from various policy makers, academics, government representatives, energy sector professionals, investors, advisory firms and investment bankers, etc. on new initiatives in the whole energy sector, the technology trends, investments opportunities, etc.

The theme for 2016 edition of the conference is “Unleashing Africa’s potential through energy sector investment “

So we hope that you are also excited and we look forward to welcoming you at the summit in Washington DC, USA

Until then,

Nyembe Chapeshamano
Conference Director


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