BP joins list of companies fleeing Alec

BP joins list of companies fleeing Alec

The oil giant is the latest company to cut ties with the conservative advocacy group known for its controversial stance on climate change.

British Petroleum is the latest company to pull its membership from the American Legislative Exchange Council (Alec), the oil company announced on Monday. The oil giant is now the third oil and gas company to leave the conservative nonprofit that acts as a lobbying group.

BP’s departure follows a wave of exits by tech companies from Alec at the end of last year. Google, Yahoo, Facebook, eBay and Yelp all cut ties with the organization following criticism by environmental nonprofits for drafting model legislation that denies any human contribution to climate change.

However BP spokesperson Brett Clanton did not mention the group’s position on climate change in a statement announcing the decision:“We continually assess our engagements with policy and advocacy organizations and based on our most recent assessment, we have determined that we can effectively pursue policy matters of current interest to BP without renewing our membership in Alec.”

Source: The Guardian

Photo: copyright of BP

Date: March 2o15

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