Clinton promises “enough clean energy to power every home in America”

Clinton promises “enough clean energy to power every home in America”

If elected president, Democrat Hillary Clinton says she can create enough green energy to power every home in America by the end of her second term.

“By the end of my first term, we will have installed a half a billion more solar panels, and by the end of my second term, enough clean energy to power every home in America,” Clinton said at the Blue Jamboree in Charleston, S.C..

The Democratic presidential front-runner said her plan to subsidize alternative sources of energy would not entail a middle-class tax hike.

In fact, Clinton said she would reduce taxes for working-class families.

“And people say, well, can you do that without raising taxes on the middle class? Absolutely,” she said. “That’s why I’m going to be fighting for tax cuts that help hard-working families get ahead.”

The former secretary of State also addressed her plan to reform healthcare, saying her plan would bring costs down without raising taxes.

“Other candidates want to increase taxes for working people in the middle class as part of their healthcare plans,” she said. “Well, I don’t want to see your taxes go up, I want to see your healthcare costs go down, and we can manage to do that.”

Clinton accused Republicans who want to repeal the Affordable Care Act of being driven by “political ideology,” rather than a desire to “take care of people.”

The former first lady also said she would be willing to hold senior-level executives of companies accountable.

“I am willing to break up the big banks if they need to be broken up, and I am more than willing to hold executives accountable when they make decisions that cause the rest of the economy the troubles that we saw,” she said.


Source: The Hill

Date: November 2015

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