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Comment Policy

Welcome to the Behind Energy Community. Our goal is to maintain a respectful community which comments and debates on news and posts published on We encourage the participation of all those who are interested in the issues we deal with on our website. However, before commenting, please read the Terms and Conditions of Use of the Website  and take into account the following.

Respect for other people is the first thing, therefore, every user is encouraged to behave in a polite manner with all members of the Community, those who write the comments and with authors and subjects of the articles and posts. Therefore, we reserve the right to delete any statement rude, insulting, hostile or negative that we believe it may infringe rights of third parties.

In order to make the community a safe space, many comments are subject to moderation, therefore the user’s comment could not be immediately visible online. We are not able to quantify the time required for moderation but we use our best efforts for it to be as short as possible.

If you want to help us in order to keep the Behind Energy Community a safe place for exchanging ideas, you may report to the following address any inappropriate comment or user who give consistently negative comments that harass others or which may be in breach of the rights of third parties.