Connecting the right players on the verge of a solar (r)evolution

Connecting the right players on the verge of a solar (r)evolution

In the coming years, solar will become cost-competitive with conventional technologies and reach the mythical market parity. This will open the doors for a solar (r)evolution. What will be the new business models?

In Europe, several pioneering markets – that had long ago “gone dry” in the age of incentive-driven and government-stimulated solar development – are experiencing a phase of rejuvenation. Large-scale solar projects, beyond the normal scope of size or set-up, are popping up in markets like Italy, Spain and Portugal. They are being financed and developed without tariffs or subsidies, selling their power at competitive prices on the (corporate) PPA and/or electricity spot market. At this new conference – Milan, Sheraton Milan Malpensa, June 5th 2018 –, we will bring together developers, financiers, traders and utilities to discuss the future of large-scale solar development in Europe, beyond incentive-driven horizons.

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Source: Solarplaza

Date: May 2018

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