Does climate action make economic sense?

The economic and social benefits of climate action are enormous. This new video explains why we should invest in fighting climate change and shift our economy onto a sustainable, climate-compatible path.

We are facing a major challenge. If it is not addressed, the consequences will be costly. It is clear from the science that time is running out to act on climate change. But many believe that climate action is too expensive. It seems we have a choice to make. But do we? Is this really a dilemma?

The next 15 years of investment will be decisive. Over this time we are expected to spend 89 trillion dollars on the world’s infrastructure. So we should be asking ourselves: How do we invest to foster sustainable economic development? How do we invest to maximise prosperity and minimise risks? In short, how do we invest our money wisely?

By increasing our investment from 89 to 93 trillion dollars we can make our infrastructure climate compatible. This is a higher upfront cost, but the benefits down the track are huge.

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