Emissions change starts at the top

Emissions change starts at the top

Some of the largest companies in America are also those leading the charge toward a more sustainable future.

The infographic from Fortune’s Nicolas Rapp uses data to visualize the CO2 emissions saved by 56 of the Fortune top 100 firms. In the graphic, each company’s CO2 savings are represented by an equivalent mass of coal not burned.

Courtesy of: Visual Capitalist

Nearly half (49%) of Fortune 500 companies in 2016 set targets to increase renewable energy sourcing, improve energy efficiency, or reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Over the course of the year, 190 of these companies managed to report a total $3.7 billion in cost savings thanks to some 80,000 emissions-reducing projects. That’s roughly equal to the impact of taking 45 coal-fired power plants offline.

Source: Visual Capitalist

Date: January 2018

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