Energy efficiency first! Five reasons we need a higher target for 2030

Energy efficiency first! Five reasons we need a higher target for 2030

This short briefing spells out why the cheapest, cleanest, safest energy is the energy we don’t actually need.

Every 1% means lifting 7 million people out of energy poverty“: a quote by Commissioner Miguel Arias Cañete in Reuters (09/09/2016). The estimate divides the additional investment needed in the buildings sector to meet a higher target by the cost of upgrading homes to a ‘deep renovation’ standard. There are currently about 55 million energy poor in Europe, i.e. people who cannot afford to adequately heat or cool their homes.

Every 1% improvement in energy efficiency means saving the equivalent of 60 supertankers of oil: an additional 1 percentage point of energy savings (e.g. going from 39% to 40%) translates into about 20 mtoe (million tons of oil equivalent).

This is the equivalent of about 140 million barrels of oil or 60 of the biggest supertankers. It is a huge amount of energy: increasing the EU’s efficiency target is a perfect example of acting big on big things.

Savings on pollution control and health costs increase very significantly with higher ambition.







Source: Friends of the Earth Europe

Date: September 2016

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