How green is Europe?

How green is Europe?

Comprehensive comparative statistics always take a while to assemble, and the task is bound to be even more difficult when one has to deal first with 28 separate national entities. As a result, the European Union still has no official totals for 2013, but it has compiled all of its 2012 energy statistics. The EU statistics show that in 2012 its 28 members derived 14.1 percent of their total primary energy supply from renewable sources. That share was well ahead of the interim target of 10.7 percent, and the union appears to be well on its course of reaching the EU-mandated 20 percent mark by 2020. Afterwards, the shift away from fossil fuels should continue, with the next (not yet officially mandated) goal of 30 percent by 2030 and, audaciously, 50 percent by 2050.

Source: American Enterprise Institute

Date: September 2014

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