Interview with Michele Appendino: why I set up Behind Energy

Interview with Michele Appendino: why I set up Behind Energy

Michele Appendino, Chairman of Behind Energy, talks with Entrepreneur Country Global about his latest venture.

Michele Appendino founded AME ventures in 2005. AME Ventures is an investment holding, focused on early stage companies active in the internet sector and in renewable energies at international level. AME Ventures has a controlling stake of Solar Ventures. The company is active in Italy, Eastern Europe, and the MENA Region. Following the launch of his latest project, we spoke to Michele about the future of renewable energy and his plans for his new website.

michele-appendino-278x300Tell me a little bit about your background?
After an INSEAD MBA and a few years at McKinsey & co., I have been in VC since 1997 as a co-founder of Net Partners Ventures, one of the first internet investors in Europe. Then in 2005 I founded AME Ventures and since then I have been quite involved in renewable energy through Solar Ventures. I still invest in several other sectors and I have about 15 portfolio companies today.

You have recently established ‘Behind Energy’ can you tell me a little bit about it, what inspired you to get involved?
When I started to get involved in the solar business, I did not like the fact the revenue model was manly based on incentives or subsidies. I started to analyse the energy sector more deeply, only to discover that subsidies for fossil fuels and nuclear were five to ten times more than those for renewable energy and nobody knew about it! On top of that, in year one economics courses at University, externalities are taught and most of those are within fossil fuel energy (health issues, natural disasters, defense,…). However, facts surrounding energy and cost are hardly ever mentioned in press outlets such as ‘The Economist’. I feel that this is an enormous distortion that negatively influences government policies, and I believe somebody should impartially tell people about the truth behind energy, without any specific positioning but allowing them to make more calculated decisions on their own. This is why we started , an information site about the true costs of energy.

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Data: Dicembre 2014

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