Nuke plant seized after sea contaminated

Nuke plant seized after sea contaminated

An Italian nuclear plant in the process of being decommissioned was impounded after the nearby sea was found to be contaminated. The ITREC plant at Rotondella near Matera in Basilicata was found to be pouring contaminated run-off water into the Ionian Sea.

Three water collection tanks and the run-off pipe were seized in a probe by Potenza prosecutors.

Possible charges in the case are environmental pollution, misrepresentation, illegal waste disposal and illegal waste trafficking, judicial sources said.

The decommissioning of the site will be able to go ahead, they said.

Nuclear site remediation agency SOGIN said “there is no radiological anomaly inside the ITREC plant at Rotondella”. “The water discharges are carried out in compliance with the discharge formula; there is no danger for workers, the population or the environment,” it said.

Source: Ansa

Date: April 2018

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