Renewable energy use in Europe, America and the world

Renewable energy use in Europe, America and the world

The current climate crisis is one of the gravest dangers to our planet as we know it. Sea levels are rising higher and higher each year. Temperatures are hotter than ever before. Glaciers have shrunk to record levels.

For our communities on planet earth this makes for a vicious cocktail that is brewing for disaster. A disaster that could lead us down the path of exponentially long droughts, an ice-free arctic and, ultimately, a devastating worldwide famine.

This doesn’t have to be the only future for us on earth. There are numerous ways that we, as a human race, can end the climate crisis and bring about a new era of clean energy and a cleaner planet. Renewables for instance. Renewable energy is just one of the ways that we can cut our oil addiction, reduce our dependence on fossil fuels as a whole and put the process of cleaning our planet into place.

But where are we up to on renewables? How many of us are embracing renewables as the future? And how does your country compare to other countries around the world when it comes to embracing renewable energy?


Europe has a great passion and support for renewable energy. As a continent only a handful of countries consume less than 10% of their energy from renewables. In fact, over 50% of the European countries analysed find at least 20% of their energy needs from renewable sources.


The biggest players in the European renewable industry are the Nordic countries in Iceland, Norway and Sweden, with a surprise in Liechtenstein making up the top 4. Iceland impressively sources over 76% of its energy needs from renewable sources with geothermal and hydropower supporting the 300,000 strong population.

The real surprise in this analysis though is Liechtenstein. After they came in 2nd we decided to look at their renewable energy growth and sources a little closer. In 1990 they sourced exactly 0% of their energy from renewable sources. Today they source over 60% of their energy from Solar, Wind and Hydropower. Amazing growth of the renewable industry and an example to other European countries of what can be achieved with a little dedication and a solid plan.







Source: Anchor Pumps

Date: October 2017

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