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Hundreds urge Sunshine State to ban fracking, support solar

Hundreds of Floridians gathered to urge elected officials to pass a fracking ban, commit to increasing renewable energy sources and protect our waterways. “Banning fracking in Florida is one of the best things we can do to protect our treasured

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Fracking chemicals can cause endocrine disruption and illness, says study

There is mounting data to suggest that hydraulic fracturing (fracking) can have adverse affects on the environment. A new study, however, suggests that populations living close to fracking sites also have a higher incidence of health complications. Researchers at the

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Govt Supports Gas Exploration in Petišovci

A senior government official voiced support Thursday for a major gas exploration project in eastern Slovenia, despite growing protests by green groups keen on stopping the project in its tracks. Its estimate is that production in the first phase would

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