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Terms and Conditions of Use of the Website


The Terms and Conditions of Use of the Website (hereinafter the “Conditions”) together with the documents mentioned, define the conditions under which the user can use the website www.behindenergy.com (hereinafter the “Website”) as a simple visitor or a registered User (hereinafter the “User”). Use of the Website means access, website surfing and registration to the site. It is recommended to print a copy of the present Conditions. Using the Website, the User accepts these Conditions and undertakes to comply with them. The User cannot use the Website if he does not accept the Conditions.


Who we are

The Website is managed by Solar Ventures S.r.l., with registered office in Galleria San Babila, 4b, 20122 Milan – Italy, VAT 07124410965″, (hereinafter “SV”). To contact us the User can send an email to the e-mail address info@behindenergy.com.


Modification to the Website and the Conditions of Use

SV reserves the right, at its own discretion, to update the Website and to change the content at any time. SV is not required to update the content of the Website. SV does not guarantee that the Website or its contents are free from errors or omissions.

SV reserves the right, at its own discretion, to modify these Conditions at any time. The User is therefore invited to view the Conditions of the Website every time he connects to the Website.

SV reserves the right, moreover, to suspend the services of the Website at any time.


Access to the Website

 The Website is available free of charge. SV does not guarantee that the Website or its contents are always accessible or available. SV reserves the right to suspend, eliminate, interrupt or modify in whole or in part the Website without notice. SV will not be responsible towards the User if, for any reason, the Website is not available, wholly or partially. The User guarantees that who accesses the Website using his/her internet connection is aware of the Conditions and undertakes to comply with them.


User’s Account and Password

If the User receives a UserID, password or any other information for the registration to the Website or the access to reserved areas of the Website, he will have to treat such information as confidential and not disclose such information to third parties. SV reserves the right to deactivate the code, the UserID and or the password chosen by the User or given by SV, if, in its opinion, the User has not complied with the Conditions.


Industrial and Intellectual Property Rights

SV is the owner or the licensee of all the industrial and intellectual property rights related to the Website, its contents and the material therein published (including but not limiting to texts, lists, photographs, illustrations, images, drawings, videos, audios, trademarks, domain names, software, databases and any other material or content – hereinafter collectively referred to as the “Material”). These rights are protected by applicable rules and international treaties. If the User uses the Material, for personal use and in compliance with the applicable laws, shall always indicate the source of the Material. The User cannot use the Website or the Material for other purposes (e.g. commercial purposes) without the previous written consent of SV. If the User uses the Website or prints, copies or downloads Material in breach of the present Conditions, the User loses the right to use the Website and shall destroy or give back the Material, upon request of SV. SV does not assume any responsibilities in relation to any material or statement contained in websites linked to the Website or anyway external to the Website.


Information contained in the Website and limitation of liability

The information and the Material of the Website are supplied only for information purposes. The User cannot rely on them and he will have to seek a professional advice should he want to take decisions on the basis of such information or Material. SV makes all reasonable efforts to update the information and the Material of the Website. However SV does not give any warranties, express or implicit, on the completeness or accuracy of the information or the Material. SV excludes any contractual or non-contractual liability towards the User for damages or loses deriving from or connected to (i) use or inability of the User to use the Website, (ii ) use of information or Material contained in the Website.

SV is not necessarily linked to any website towards which there are links on the Website. A link from the Website to any other website does not imply that SV approves or recommends in any way that website or control that website. Even when there are links to other websites SV does not assume any responsibility for the contents and/or use of those websites and for the positioning of the link on the Website.

SV does not guarantee that the Website is safe and/or free from bug, virus or other defects. It is therefore advisable to use an antivirus system.


Upload of contents on the Website

 If the User uses a function that allows him/her to upload contents on the Website he shall comply with the following rules. The User will be liable towards SV for all the damages that SV could suffer in relation to the contents and the material uploaded by the User on the Website.

All the contents uploaded by the User on the Website will be considered not reserved and SV will have the right to use, duplicate, distribute, modify, adapt and disseminate them for every purpose.

SV reserves the right to reveal the identity of the User to third parties that claim the infringement of intellectual property rights or other rights in relation to the content uploaded by the User.

SV is not liable towards third parties for the contents published by the User on the Website.

SV reserves the right to remove any content published by the User, to modify, adapt or edit it if, in its opinion, it is not in compliance with these Conditions.

The opinions expressed by the User on the Website do not represent SV’s opinions.

The User can use the Website only for licit purposes. It is forbidden to use the Website: (i) in such a way that breaches the law or has illegal or fraudulent purposes; (ii) to transmit or obtain the transmission of advertisement not requested or not authorized or any other advertising material (spam); (iii) to transmit data, send or upload material that contains virus, trojan, horse, worm, time-bomb, keystroke logger, spyware, adware or other detrimental programmes.

The contents uploaded on the Website by the User shall not contain defamatory, obscene or offensive material, promote material of sexual nature, instigate violence, promote discrimination in relation to race, sex, religion, nationality, disability, sexual orientation, age, breach industrial or intellectual property rights or other rights of third parties, be misleading or realized in breach of any statutory duties, promote illegal activities, be dangerous or detrimental of the right to privacy, be made through a third person or misrepresenting the identity, give the impression that they come from SV, if it is not correct, promote or facilitate illegal activities, like (for example) copyright infringement.

SV reserves the right not to publish the contents or comments of the User if, in its opinion, they could breach these Conditions or third parties’ rights.



The User accepts to indemnify BE in relation to any responsibility, damage or cost (included without limitation legal expenses) that SV may incur for: (i) the breach by the User of these Conditions (ii) third parties’ claims grounded on the use of the Website and/or the Material by the User and/or the use that the User has made in breach of these Conditions.


Applicable law

These Conditions are governed by Italian law.