USA #Election2016 | Let’s look at Trump’s views on climate

USA #Election2016 | Let’s look at Trump’s views on climate

Trump hasn’t yet issued a policy platform. Or proposed many actual policies, per se. But he has made policy-adjacent noises about forcing Mexico to build a border wall, giving power back to the police, and shutting down the government to defund Planned Parenthood.

But when it comes to climate and energy, Trump has mostly confined himself to stray comments here and there. Mostly on Twitter.

Let’s start with climate change.

He offered this more nuanced take to the Palin Update radio show:

«The real climate change is going to be nuclear climate change if we’re not smart and tough and very, very careful because that’s a big danger and that’s a real danger. I think Obama just said that the biggest threat that we have on the planet today is climate change, and a lot of people are saying, did he really say that? We have people chopping off heads and he’s talking about climate change. I call it weather. I call it weather. You know, the weather changes.

You look back and they were calling it global cooling and global warming and global everything, but if you look back and the biggest tornados were in the 1890s, the biggest hurricanes were in the 1860s and 1870s. It’s weather. You’re going to have bad weather. So often I watch the evening newscasts and every time there is a rainstorm some place, and then they wonder why they don’t do well, they say, ‘It’s raining here and it’s raining there,’ usually leading the program. I call it weather. Maybe there’s a little bit of change, I don’t happen to believe it’s manmade

Trump’s other theory about climate change is that the Chinese dreamed up the whole thing to gain a competitive manufacturing advantage.


Source: Vox

Date: August 2015

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