Wind sets new production records in Europe

Wind sets new production records in Europe

European wind power has set a new daily generation record with 2,128 GWh of electricity produced on January 3, statistics by WindEurope show.

The previous record was set on February 22, 2017, when 1,826 GWh came from wind turbines across Europe. Apart from the overall production record for the continent, wind power generation also reached the highest levels in a single day in France, with 219 GWh produced, and in Germany, with 925 GWh produced.

Onshore wind farms were responsible for about 1,900 GWh of the 2,128GWh total, while offshore turbines accounted for 229 GWh. Their combined output was equal to the electricity demand of 215 million homes in the European Union (EU) and could meet 75% of the average industrial electricity demand in Europe, according to WindEurope. As a result, the share of wind energy in Europe’s power mix for January 3 was 22.7%.

Source: Renewables Now

Date: February 2018

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