World’s first wind turbine amusement park is dutch-made, everyone-approved

World’s first wind turbine amusement park is dutch-made, everyone-approved

Qurrent, a Dutch renewable energy company, believes that fun and sustainability can both be achieved by using wind turbines to power an amusement park. Don’t believe it? Qurrent collaborated with Jora Entertainment to come up with the design of the theme park as well as the adrenaline-packed rides.

Wind-park-1-934x644Qurrent CEO Richard Klatten highly believes that wind turbines are very important for sustainability. He said:

“Within 10 years from now, wind energy will be ubiquitous. We strive to be ahead of things, and shape the future of renewable energy. Creating an environment where people can experience clean energy in a fun and educational way could be one of those. And hey, how neat would it be to tell your friends you took a ride on an actual wind turbine?”

One cannot agree more. If riding on a wind turbine helps sustain renewable energy for the future, that just makes the old electric-powered theme parks so passé.

Nonetheless, Qurrent and Jora knew that making the world’s first sustainable theme park would be attention-grabbing. First off, the theme park comes in at 8,000 square meters and all rides are powered by wind turbines alone. The other must-try attractions planned are the Beaufort Buster, a water slide that spirals around a wind turbine.




There is also the Blade Runner where you literally ride on the turbine blade. You might say that wind turbine blades rotate really slow. Yes, they do, but Qurrent is looking into increasing the speed at a “shocking rapid rate” but still ensuring the safety of all riders.

Furthermore, there is the gut-wrenching Newton Nightmare. This drop-tower ride will drop riders in a 95 meters descent in only 1.5 seconds. And of course, a theme park wouldn’t be complete without the roller coaster; here, it is named the Happy Hurricane.

Sounds fun? Definitely. However, Qurrent wants to make sure that this sustainable theme park will offer more than fun and excitement; the company calls it a “celebration of environmental contribution,” and hopefully, the public will be more knowledgeable about renewable energy and sustainability. After all, there’s no better way to learn than when you’re having fun.


Source: Psfk

Date: December 2015

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