Chile: solar to become primary energy source by 2030

Chile: solar to become primary energy source by 2030

The government of Chile and the four groups that comprise the Chilean association of electricity producers, Generadoras de Chile – French energy group, Engie, Italian utility, Enel, U.S.-based AES Gener, and Chilean power provider, Colbun – have agreed not to build new coal power plants “that do not come with carbon capture and storage systems or other equivalent technologies.”

Furthermore, the two parties will establish, through a joint working group, a schedule and the conditions for the programmed and gradual cessation of the operation of coal-fired power plants, which do not use technologies for carbon capture and storage.

More details about the implementation of this plan, however, were not made public.

Currently, coal-fired power plants cover 40% of electricity production in Chile. According to a report published by Generadoras de Chile, and developed by the PSR-Moray consortium, solar will become the primary source of electricity in the country as early as 2030, with expectations that it will cover more than 30% of demand.

The report also reveals that thermoelectric plants will still have a quota of 25% in 2030, while the remaining 75% will be covered by renewables.

“According to the model for 2030,” the association’s report says, “29% would be covered by hydro, while photovoltaic and wind solar sources, known as variable renewables, would add up to 42%. The remaining 4% would be biomass, geothermal and solar power concentrator (CSP).”

Source: PV-Magazine

Date: February 2018

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