92% of German consumers agree with the energy transition

92% of German consumers agree with the energy transition

According to a survey published by the German Renewable Energies Agency, 92% of German people support the energy transition [Energiewende], but not all for the same reason. The consulting company Pricewaterhouse Coopers asked 1.015 people why they support the Energiewende.

The nuclear power phase-out is the main motivation (43%) to support the fundamental reconstruction of Germany’s energy system. 27% of the respondents agree with the energy transition due to the scarcity of fossil fuel resources. The reduction of Carbon dioxide [Co2] emissions is the most important reason for 18% of the interviewees, because Co2 enters the atmosphere by burning fossil fuels and has the strongest impact on climate change.


Why German people support the Energiewende


Source: Strom-report

Date: February 2015

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